Ditching Bucket, perfect tool for ditching trench
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Bucket Category,Capability and Appropriate Working Environment



Configuration and capability
Appropriate Working Environment
GP Bucket/Standard Bucket
Standard plate thickness,homemade high quality tooth plate
For digging clay, or loading the sand,mud and gravel.
Heavy Duty Bucket


Adaptor plate and side plate are made of homemade material NM360,homemade material high quality tooth plate,so that it can resist grinding and bending.
For digging the rubble,gravel and clay with tough stone, or loading the secondary tough stone and rock.
Rock bucket
Consolidated plate on the bottom,enhance the thickness of side plate,and install protective board,the tooth plate is made of HARDOX Which is specialized for rock,so that it can resist grinding and bending efficiently
For loading the tough rock and the mineral from the explosion.

Property of Steel

Programmer Code Related chemical composition Hardness(HB) Extensio(%) Drag and extension intensity(N/mm2) Bend intensity (N/mm2)
Material C Si Mn P S
Mn board Q345B 0.18 0.55 1.4 0.03 0.03 163-187 21 470-660 345
Homemade re-grinding board NM360 0.20 0.3 1.3 0.02 0.006 360 16 1200 1020
High intensity re-grinding board HARDOX-500 0.20 0.7 1.7 0.025 0.01 470-500 8 1550 1300

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