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how to buy original second hand excavator

According to a senior said he knows that second-hand excavator is not real, many are several hand, more change of hand, mean the quality is bad

Many so-called second hand original excavator is made by Taiwan or indonesia that is third class excavator, most second hand first class excavator made by Japan exported to UK, US etc developed countries, if you have money to buy oriinial second hand excavator from Japan , in fact that 's not made by Japan, most by OEM in other countries, how to identify the original second hand excavator

First, check the declaration and related document when it is imported

Second, original second hand excavator which date of production is much earlier, long working hours, all domestic famous excavator working in site, build production base, so second hand imported excavator is old style that is the fault of second hand excavator

Third, the imported second-hand excavator performance may be better, but the machines are older. If you can find out the domestic assembly changed hands less frequently used machine is a good choice!



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