Excavator operater instruction to use quick hitch
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Excavator operater instruction to use quick hitch


Those in control of work should ensure that adequate precautions are in place。  The precautions to be taken should be identified by a comprehensive risk assessment and should include:

  • Excavator operators should be adequately trained on the use of quick hitches in general;
  • Excavator operators should be competent to use the specific hitch on the machine they use;
  • The manufacturer-specified retaining pin must be available on the machine;
  • Operators should only use pins which have been designed for this specific use;
  • There should be a system for checking that the pin is in place on the hitch before starting the work and every time a different attachment is fitted;
  • Operators should be instructed not to use the machine unless they are satisfied that the quick hitch is secured in place.  If the operator cannot see from the cab of the vehicle due to poor weather then s/he must visually check from the ground;
  • Those in control of sites should undertake random checks to ensure the precautions are being implemented.  

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